Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 400

It doesn't seem like a year since I got my last safety inspection sticker. It's that time again though. Getting a safety inspection for your car ought to be a piece of cake, but somehow it never ends up that way for me. Half the time when I take my car to a garage, they say they aren't able to inspect it at all because it is a full-time four wheel drive vehicle. The rest of the time the garage says the Defender isn't a full-time four wheel drive vehicle and they try to put it on the dynamometer. This was what happened today. I had to race back into the no customers allowed area and tell the mechanic to stop before he ruined either the car or his garage. It was hard to explain to this mechanic that you simply can't put a full-time four wheel drive vehicle into two wheel drive for the test. I was about to tell the guy to forget the whole thing so I could go somewherer else when the owner of the garage came back and straightened things out.

I got a check in the mail for $100 today and paid a bill for $4000. This pretty much sums up my life lately. It's hard to get ahead this way. Hey, Dash had a good day though. He won another ribbon at obedience class tonight. It was only third place this time, but I'm not complaining. Maybe Dash is back on top of his game again. He's won a total of eight ribbons now. We'll forget the fact that the last one was six or eight months ago.

I hope I'm better organized tomorrow than I was today. I've still got a huge amount of website work to complete before the weekend. Again, I'm not complaining. It's nice to have the work.

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  1. Yikes--- time to find a different inspection garage! We don't have to have those in MI, and I'm not really sorry. Used to live in NY where they are required, and although it keeps some really bad vehicles off the road, mostly it just causes normal people to have to pay for all kinds of minor fixes just to get that sticker.