Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day 403

It was pretty busy for a Saturday. This morning, Janet and I went and photographed the three new Dalmatians that entered the rescue program recently. All three were very shy. We picked up Chloe, the largest of the three, at the vet before taking her to join Emmie and Blossom at the kennel. When photographing shy dogs, I generally just sit on the floor in a room with them and wait until they feel comfortable enough to come closer and investigate. It takes a while, but the dogs usually relax and often end up sitting in my lap. I got some good pictures, but haven't had time to download them all yet. I'm sure you'll see them soon enough.

After we said goodbye to Chloe, Emmie and Blossom, I spent the rest of the day grocery shopping, running errands and doing laundry. While I was working around the house, I decided to try out the new Apple app store and downloaded Aperture on the new office computer. The price was about half of what it would have been at a retail store. I noticed that the app store had a lot more to choose from than it did last week too. The place seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. This is definitely the way I'm going to buy software in the future.

This evening we went to LH Live. This annual battle of the bands is a benefit for the Lake Highlands Exchange Club and we've been going for several years now. Nothing really changes. The bands are the same. The food is the same. And the people attending are the same. It's still fun to go though. This year, I discovered that Gary, an old friend from my ad agency days, was a member of the Pit Pops. I guess that Gary has always been a member of the Pit Pops, but I just didn't notice before. Whenever I listen to one of these aging garage bands, it makes me wish that my own band, The Fabulous Has-Beens was still together. It's great fun to play in a band, although these days I wonder where I ever found the time. I guess life was different then. Back when I was playing bass with the Has-Beens, I was still getting a salary at an ad agency and hadn't discovered Dalmatian Rescue yet. My little company and the dogs take up practically all my time these days. When there's any time left over, it's usually spent on this blog.

Hopefully, it will be a little warmer tomorrow. It's been several weeks since Dot and Dash have been to the Wagging Tail dog park and they're starting to get cabin fever. They still get their daily walks of course, but that's not the same as being able to run free and play with other dogs. Maybe we'll go to the dog park again tomorrow. The mud has probably dried out by now.

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  1. The dogs certainly know the difference between leash and free! Maggie mostly gets freedom, but I take her on a leash walk every so often in hopes that she won't forget how to act on one.