Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 455

Many of yesterday's questions found answers today. I discovered that it actually is possible for a dog to develop a skin discoloration literally overnight. My vet said it was rare, but that certain types of bacteria infections could cause Dash's bronzing to reoccur exactly the way I observed. Dash now has an antibiotic spray that should clear up the problem in a week or so.

I also discovered that my client's web forms quit working because the hosting company had moved their account to a new server. The server upgrade was supposed to be 100% backwards compatible. Oops. Maybe the upgrade was 99% backwards compatible, but I know of one site that slipped through the cracks. After a couple of conversations with the hosting company's technical support folks, I learned how to patch the code and get everything working again. I can't really give the hosting company high marks for failing to warn my client about the server switch, but they were certainly helpful today. All my questions were answered quickly and most importantly, the fix worked.

The disaster in Japan really makes you realize how interconnected the world has become. When something of this magnitude occurs, literally everyone is touched by it in one way or another. I got a call from one of my suppliers today saying that shipments of a video camera I was ordering would be significantly delayed because there was expected to be a shortage of component parts that had been manufactured in a plant demolished by the tsunami. Several stocks I own were pummeled today by panic selling in the wake of all the nuclear meltdown news we've been hearing. I have a feeling that we won't know for months just how much this disaster will affect all of us.

For several weeks now I've had a photo shoot penciled in on my calendar for tomorrow morning. Just got a call from my client asking if I'd still be attending the marketing meeting tomorrow morning. Oops. What's embarrassing is that I think I initially scheduled this meeting in the first place. I can't seem to remember anything anymore.

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  1. Glad you got your forms problem fixed. I too, solved a forms problem that's been bugging me for 3 years. The server on which I rent space supposedly supported them, but I could never get them to work, so any client who rents hosting from me and wanted forms... well, I cheated and put the forms page on another server for which I was paying to host one of my sites that has a lot of forms. So I went hunting for support on the forms issue again, because I really would like to move the one site to my own hosting (saving $250 a year). Lo and behold... I got the forms to work! Horray for small victories, and I'll be working on migrating that site ASAP.

    Glad you got the right medicine for Dash... sorry about your memory. (haha!)