Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 470

Odds and ends. That's all some days ever amount to. I made some phone calls to ask questions. I received some phone calls and answered questions. I fired up the old computer again to do some design work, because I still can't afford to replace all my software with the Snow Leopard upgrades I need now. I'm trying to gradually replace everything, but it's going to take a while. When I went to the bank to deposit a check, I noticed that I was the only person in the building speaking English. I don't know what that means at all.

What did I learn today? I learned that the new heat pump for my rent property will be installed next Monday. I learned the Quark and Adobe have special pricing available for non-profit organizations. Jeez, I wish someone had told me this several years ago. I learned that I mistakenly put a piece of equipment in my bid for the Houston trade show job that doesn't do what I thought it did. That means I'll have to revise the bid again. I didn't learn anything at all about the oil and gas annual report that I'm still waiting to get the go ahead on. Actually, it was a busy day, but for some reason it still feels like nothing happened.

The BRAINZ Group that I joined recently came out with their March issue today, which happened to include my initial essay. The topic for this month was Change, and it was interesting to read what the other writers had to say. I can't tell yet whether I will look forward to doing these monthly essays, or whether they will just become one more task on a lengthy "to do" list. At this point I'm looking forward to the challenge. I know a few of the other writers in the group and this seems like an interesting way to have a conversation.

The dogs were totally distracted at training class tonight. It wasn't just Dot and Dash either. All the dogs seemed to have other things on their mind. Maybe it was the weird weather. Visually, it looks like Spring. It probably smells like Spring to a dog as well. The temperature certainly didn't feel like Spring though. It was cold tonight. Very cold for the end of March. I'm sure that Dash would have rather stayed home under a blanket.

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  1. The BRAINZ group sounds really interesting. I think I'd like something like that.

    Maggie sure thinks it smells like spring. She's off poking her nose into things every time I let her out, and doesn't want to come in. It may hit 50 on Sunday. Supposed to be 45 and sun today... I think I'm going for a hike.