Thursday, April 28, 2011

Day 499

I'm finally on the trade show team's radar. I got calls from Germany, Orlando and Houston today. Some people were wondering what I was going to be doing and other people were telling me what I am going to be doing. Some folks suggested that it would be impossible to do what I had been tasked with doing, while others though it would be a piece of cake. The only thing that everyone agreed on was that I should be prepared for anything and should definitely come to Houston with a Plan B and maybe even a Plan C.

When I wasn't on the phone or answering e-mails, I was running all over town looking for odds and ends that I know I'll need in Houston, but have run out of time to order online. I finally found an acceptably compact mic mixer at Guitar Center. It's not battery powered like I wanted, but it will work. I got a special harness at my favorite camera store that will allow me to keep the video camera around my neck while I am typing on the laptop without it dangling and getting in the way. I got some spare "just in case" cables and a bunch of batteries. I think I'm ready.

Since I was running all over town anyway, I also picked up the finished Wine on the Roof banner that will hang on the outside of the East Lake building. The large banner looks great. It was kind of amazing to me that the color on the vinyl looks exactly the same as the smaller paper posters I printed. Printing technology has really come a long way. Oh, I got a lawn mover too. The grass in the front yard is so tall now that I just couldn't put it off any longer. This time I got an electric mower because I'm tired of messing around with hard to start gasoline mowers. I never liked having gasoline around the house anyway.

I got the bill for tax preparation from my accountant today. Once again, most of my refund will go to pay for figuring out how much of a refund I got. To me, this is kind of like going to a fancy restaurant, ordering a nice meal and then watching the chef eat it. Oh well, I guess it's still better than doing my taxes myself. Janet wants to watch the royal wedding on TV. We'll set the alarm tonight, but I'm betting we both sleep through the whole thing.

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  1. I don't know about you, but I HATE all those running around little errands.