Saturday, May 7, 2011

Day 508

Tonight is the big Wine on the Roof fundraiser for East Lake Pet Orphanage. This is the event that the big poster featuring the dog and cat as Rhett and Scarlet from Gone with the Wind was created for. This year's guest of honor is Loretta Swit from the old M.A S.H. TV series. Radio personality Richard Hunter will be there as well. The event seems to grow every year. I remember doing the very first poster for these events over ten years ago when 13" x 19" was considered a large size. This year's poster is six feet tall. That's not the biggest change to me however. The big difference between those early events and this one is that I can't drink any more. A wine tasting event is much more fun when you can drink the wine.

My bee stings have stopped hurting and started itching. I don't know which is worse. Now I feel like I've got a bad case of poison ivy. I guess I ought to just get used to it, since I'll probably come in contact with the stuff within the next two or three weeks anyway. I see large patches of poison ivy now whenever I walk the dogs. All it takes is a few minutes of idle daydreaming on my part, and the dogs will walk through a big patch of the stuff and the urushiol oil will get all over me when the dogs curl up with me to go to sleep.

It looks like tomorrow is going to be a work day whether I like it or not. There are a ton of things I'm behind on after my week in Houston. I guess I could put everything off till Monday, but I like to start off the week with a clean slate. Somehow if I'm still working on last week's jobs on Monday morning, I never seem to get caught up.

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  1. Ah... the big dog-owners PI problem! I already have my first case of the year. Moderately bad. I'm surviving, but very uncomfortable.