Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 513

I spent most of the day writing html code. Now that I've spent the past several months doing a variety of different things back-to-back, I realize that I don't really like writing html code. I'd really prefer to spend my time video editing and writing. Writing and video editing generally seem to pay better than designing web sites too. All this makes me wonder why I'm still spending so much of my time designing and maintaining web sites. Probably because people are still asking me to build them. Today's coding isn't going to make me rich, but I did make good progress finishing what I've started. If I keep on working this evening, I may even have something to present tomorrow.

I just noticed that, where this blog is hosted, has been down most of the day. What's up with that? I've seen service disruptions of an hour or so from time-to-time, but never anything this long. Blogger has been down over 24 hours. I've never missed a daily post in the entire history of this blog, but this may be out of my control. I guess the only thing I can do is write today's post in a word processor and then hope that blogger comes online again before midnight. I don't know why all this bothers me, but it does. Surely a big company like Google must have a backup plan. At least they could do things like the power companies do when they have a rolling power outage. Instead of shutting the entire domain down and taking hundreds of thousands of blogs down with them, couldn't they just take a couple of hundred down at a time while they isolate the problem? I bet there are a lot of frustrated people right now.

There's plenty of other stuff for me to do however. Maybe blogger will be back up again after I take the trash out to the street. Maybe it will be up again after I vacuum the carpets. Maybe it will be up after I balance my checkbook. I'm not going to lose any sleep over this though. It's out of my control. I learned a long time ago not to worry about things that were out of my control. Oh well, if Blogger is still down at midnight, I'll just backdate today's post when it eventually comes back online.

The park looks exceptionally green and beautiful right now. It's the perfect time to take Spring wildflower pictures. Maybe I'll do this tomorrow if I get my new website finished in time. Last year the wildflowers looked kind of spotty, but we've had lots of rain lately and they look fabulous this year. All I need is a cloudy bright day without much wind. Wait a minute….today was a cloudy bright day without much wind. Why didn't I do all this stuff today?

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  1. Well, we are all back! Was there a worldwide agony of withdrawal as the millions of bloggers suffered such angst at the hands of Google?

    Glad you got a lot done. I actually like doing html... but hardly anyone does coding anymore. I'm once again an anachronism.