Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day 515

What a beautiful day. You can't beat clear blue skies and 65 to 70 degree temperatures. No pollen either. My allergies didn't bother me all day. This was a good day to do yard work, so that's what I did. I mowed the grass, trimmed bushes and watered. After I put the lawn mower away, the dogs supervised the rest. They liked the nice day too. I hope this weather lasts a while, but it can't last long. It's often 100 degrees outside by early June.

I can't stop writing watch articles. I even wrote one this morning. Writing about watches is making me want to start buying them again. I really shouldn't. It's kind of an addiction. Watch collecting will suck money out of your wallet faster than having a problem with alcohol or drugs. I couldn't afford some of the watches I've been writing about anyway. The ones I like the best cost between $15,000 and $20,000 each.

Oh, well. I'll just stick with what I've got. I've got so many watches already that a battery seems to goes dead on one just about every day. I put a battery in one of Janet's after breakfast this morning. I'll probably put another battery in something else tomorrow.

I've got enough done today that I might even be able to catch one of the new episodes of Dr. Who this evening. I haven't seen any of the new 2011 episodes yet and I'm curious whether the show holds together now that it's being shot here in the United States. I'll let you know. So far, I still think that the first series with Billie Piper playing the doctor's companion Rose Tyler is the best.

Dot and Dash get to go on an outing tomorrow. A local winery has invited Dalmatian Rescue to an animal friendly event at their vineyard. Maybe if we give Dash a little wine at the event, he'll be quiet in the car on the way home.

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  1. Model railroading has to be a close second. I've got about $3000 worth of stuff packed away with the hope that some day I'll be able to afford to put it all into a good layout.