Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 522 - Dash's Birthday

Today is Dash's birthday. We think he's about six, mostly because when we adopted him on this day five years ago, we were convinced that he was just under a year old. It was just a guess though. It's kind of a tradition with animal rescue dogs that their adoption day becomes their birthday as well. You never really know the true age of a stray. It's only when they become really old that you see how good your initial guess was.

We took the dogs to Cafe Lago this evening for Dash's birthday. A lot of places in Dallas allow dogs on their outdoor patios now, but Cafe Lago is the only place I know of in town that has a special chef-prepared menu just for dogs. I've been tempted to order off the dog menu myself ocassionally, because everything looks so good. The dogs each had an order of meatloaf and eggs, while Janet and I had hot sandwiches.

I finally got those wildflower pictures I've been talking about taking finished. Today was one of those perfect cloudy bright days with no shadows that photographers love. I figured it was now or never, especially since the wildflowers will be gone in a few weeks anyway. When I got home and looked at the pictures on the computer, I realized that I had more or less wasted my time. The pictures looked exactly like all the other wildflower pictures I've taken on previous years.

I ventured up on the roof again for the first time since I was stung by the swarm of bees a few weeks ago. Thankfully, there were no bees this time. Only the usual standing water from yesterday's rain. I sure wish the roof drained properly. Whenever it rains, the water collects in the center of the roof, where it stays for weeks, until I either sweep it away or it evaporates. It's not hot enough yet for the water to evaporate, so I'm still doing a lot of sweeping.

Hopefully the weather will be nice tomorrow. It's one of those rare Sundays without a lot of chores or errands. I'm really looking forward to doing nothing at all.

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