Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 555

Now, Dash has been immortalized in oil as well. I think Carolyn Finnell has done a fabulous job of capturing each dog's personality. I really like these paintings. When I was younger, I had original prints by Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly hanging on my walls. These days, I just have pictures of dogs. Its probably better this way.

Oddly, a few people here and there are starting to collect my own pictures of dogs. I think I'm developing a knack for photographing animals in costumes. Today I had a photo shoot where my models were a cat wearing a Carmen Miranda fruit hat and a Chihuahua wearing a flamingo dancer's costume, complete with a tasseled Cordoban hat. The secret to these types of photos is speed. Believe me, a cat will not wear a Carmen Miranda hat for very long. I got some good images, but I really haven't had time to go through them yet. Maybe I'll show you some tomorrow.

A friend of mine bought a warehouse recently and wanted me to go take a look at it this afternoon. When I hear the word warehouse these days, I automatically think of my own small storage space. This place was something else entirely. I had no idea how large 15,000 square feet really was until I went inside the building. The building was huge and it was filled to the ceiling with the remnants of old estate sales. Every once in a while I watch this show called American Pickers on the History Channel. These two guys go driving around the country in a van and search through old barns and stuff for hidden treasures. I told my friend that she should contact the show's producers immediately. This building would be a gold mine for Frank and Mike to explore on a future episode of the show.

Time to take the trash out to the street again. This week went by really quickly. Weird that taking the trash out has become my reference point for the passage of time. I guess you've got to have something to focus on.

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  1. Great painting. Me, I should focus on the trash more. I missed trash day again this week. Really need to remember, next week!