Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 589

Do you ever have days where you feel slightly out of place, no matter what you do? I went to another of those business networking breakfasts this morning and listened to a magazine publisher talk about the dramatic changes that were taking place in the media world. Even though the speaker was talking about my own industry and everything rang true, I still felt like I was party crashing. Everyone at my table was so efficient and businesslike with their Blackberries and schedule planners, mapping out the rest of their day. I was just going home to walk two Dalmatians after I finished my omelet and waffle. When people started passing out business cards, I discovered that I only had three cards in my wallet. I gave them to the first three people I saw and then went looking for more orange juice.

When I got back home, I discovered that Google+ was making me feel out of place as well. When I first set up my account, I created a circle for humor+ and it is still empty. Nobody is funny on Google+. They're all so serious and self-important that it makes me realize all those videos on Facebook of dogs doing goofy things aren't so bad after all. I remember my Dad, who was a well respected zoologist, liked to watch The Three Stooges on TV when he came home from work. Maybe there's still some of that in my gene pool.

A friend of mine told me today that my constant Twitter feed was ruining his LinkedIn experience. Evidently there were more of my Tweets on his status updates than the normal BS about someone being promoted to Senior VP. This is one more person who is taking things way too seriously. I told him there was a simple solution to his problem. All he had to do was remove me from his contact list.

It was so hot at dog class tonight that our teacher let us all out early. I'm sure the dogs think we are crazy for even trying to march them around a hot dusty field on a day like this.

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  1. I'm only funny on occasion- sorry. But I do try to skip the self-important (although I know several people who think I am just that). I see you have over 200 people in your circles... maybe you can pare out the braggers. Or not... after all... we are all entering stuff about ourselves all the time.