Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Day 616

We always see interesting things on our morning walks. Today, I noticed a slice from a giant tree trunk in a neighbor's driveway with a colorful butterfly painted on it. The tree trunk was obviously too heavy to lift, so it was still sitting on the pallet where the delivery truck left it. I don't know if this large chunk of wood is destined to become a coffee table or if it is artwork that will hang on a very sturdy wall. It is pretty though. I'm glad the dogs didn't pee on it as we walked by.

I heard about this morning's earthquake on Google+ about two seconds after it happened. Maybe the way the world gets its news really is changing. They say that Twitter is bustling with news of current events around the world. Maybe so, but most of the Tweets I get are either about somebody's dog or about the latest new YA vampire novel. It is interesting about the earthquake though, because evidently the news traveled faster via social media than the actual seismic wave and people in some parts of the East Coast learned about the quake on Google+ before they actually felt the shock themselves.

I took Dot to the vet this afternoon for more blood work. They think she might have a thyroid problem and wanted to do some additional tests. Dash thinks a trip to the vet is a social outing, but Dot is still terrified of the whole experience. I was amazed to see Dot sitting right next to a rabbit in the lobby. She was so concerned about what was going to happen next that she didn't even notice the bunny. Ordinarily, her hunting instincts kick into high gear whenever she's within thirty feet of a rabbit.

I've been doing an awful lot of writing lately. For the sake of variety, would be nice to mix things up with some more photography jobs. Photography jobs than had a decent budget and involved travel to exotic locations would be especially nice. I'm not knocking writing though. Writing is still more interesting than updating employees on company websites.

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  1. Too damn cute, she is! I love that "I'm going to be butchered!"-expression on her face. She does look calm, though. My dog Nina is always trembling like a leaf in autumn wind and whining. And she too ignores the two cats that stroll around freely at the vet's; normally, she loves to play "Hunt 'n' Lick" with them (okay, THEY don't play along – which cat loves to be hunted and worse licked by a dog?).

  2. Beautiful wood thing. One would need a big house to use it inside. Very interesting about the news traveling faster than the earthquake itself.