Sunday, October 2, 2011

Day 656

The dogs had a great day at the dog park today. It was 70 degrees and there were plenty of other dogs to play with. No panting and sitting under a tree this time. Dot and Dash were full of energy and we ended up staying at the park twice as long as we usually do.

When we got home, I took advantage of the nice weather to get some yard work done. I did just fine with the lawn mower, since mowing is slow and methodical. I probably should have left the reciprocal saw alone though and saved pruning the trees for later. As the saw tugged and jerked it's way through dead branches, it rattled my neck a bit. The yard does look nicer though. Anyway, if I cut out everything that might possible bother my neck, I probably wouldn't be doing anything.

I saw Andy Rooney's last broadcast on 60 Minutes tonight. I always thought Andy had a great job. For the past twenty years he got paid a lot of money for just complaining for five minutes once a week about something that irritated him. Hey, I could do that. And why limit the complaints to once a week? The world is so full of irritating things these days that I think could easily complain once a day for five minutes almost indefinitely.

I don't want people to forget about me, but I hope I don't get many new jobs next week. I've still got about three days of unfinished work left over from last week. Since I don't do well multitasking, I'm going to feel compelled to finish that old work before I start on anything new.

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  1. I saw Andy's "last" commentary too. I almost made it the topic of my monthly news column, but couldn't quite do that! Your weather finally sounds tolerable.