Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 704

It was another long day of pet photography. I think we photographed even more dogs today than we did yesterday. The two day photo shoot is over now and most of what we did has already blended together in my mind. I know we had pizza for lunch yesterday and sandwiches for lunch today, but I've already forgotten many of the dog's names. There were big dogs and little dogs, calm dogs and nervous dogs. Some dogs were scared of Santa, while others wanted to lick his face and chew on his beard. A few dogs were impossible to forget. There was the gentle blind sheep dog who seemed completely comfortable wandering around until he bumped into something. There were the two Great Danes today who where so large that it was difficult to get them in the same small room with me and Santa. Most of the dogs were surprisingly well behaved, but then there were always the Dalmatians to contend with.

I'll have to go do the grocery shopping tomorrow, since there hasn't been much time to take care of the weekend errands yet. I can't decide whether to take all the photo equipment back to the storage warehouse. Right now the stuff is cluttering up the hallway, but it seems pointless to take everything back again when there are still several more of these fundraisers to go. Probably, the house will remain cluttered with Santa Paws stuff until the end of the year.

It wasn't as much trouble to get in and out of the car through the passenger door as I thought it would be. I still need to get the door latch fixed on Monday though, or eventually this strange mode of entry will just become normal. I didn't have any problems with the door flying open again, but then I didn't even try to open the door today.

We'll take Dot and Dash to the dog park tomorrow. They deserve a nice outing after being left behind two days in a row.

Jasper is today's Dalmatian of the Day

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  1. That Santa has some muscles! Unless he's throwing the dog... nervous dog... peed on Santa?

  2. That is cool, it would be fun photographing pets with Santa. Some animals do the strangest things! I would have liked to have my male cat's picture taken with Santa before he passed away but I was always afraid Santa would have gotten hurt-he wasn't the huggable type.
    Great picture :)