Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 388

Unlikely Animal Friends had its season premier tonight and my segment with the friendly goat, the Great Dane and the three legged dog finally aired. I'll have to admit that the goat story wasn't nearly as dramatic as the segment about the couple who had a hippopotamus living in their house with them, but I think it held it's own pretty well with the other stories on tonight's show. I was really pleased with how nicely everything turned out. I even got a screen credit at the end of the show. If you blinked, you wouldn't have seen it, because my name was only on a second or two, but it definitely was there. I'll watch this show again. It was really entertaining and Stevi, the producer, did a fabulous job of putting everything together.

I also went and talked with the recruiter who wants me to take the contract video production assignment. Nothing was decided, but we had a very nice initial meeting. We talked about money. We talked about working arrangements. I filled out a bunch of paperwork. Now that I know I'll be able to keep running my own company while I work on the assignment, this extended project seems more appealing. It would certainly help to even out my wildly fluxuating monthly cash flow. There'll probably have to be several more meetings before anything is decided, but this first step was encouraging. The best thing was that the recruiters really liked my work. Even if this production assignment doesn't work out, I think they might like to act as my agent. I've been looking for a new agent or rep anyway, so this definitely seems like a win-win situation at this point.

I wish the city hadn't moved trash pickup to just before sunrise on Friday mornings. I've almost missed getting my trash out to the street for two weeks in a row. Today, I wasn't even out of bed yet when I heard the truck. I quickly pulled on some pants and raced out after the truck. They didn't stop, of course, but as the truck disappeared in the distance, I heard one of the men standing on the back yell back at me "No worry man, this is just the recycling." I guess they saw that the container I was pushing ahead of me like a baby buggy wasn't one of the blue ones. I placed my container by the curb and a few minutes later the regular trash truck drove by.

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