Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Day 435

I got a haircut today. I ought to seriously consider just going to a barbershop. I don't even think I have enough hair left to justify going to a stylist who has "Art Director V" as a job title on her business cards. Betty gives great haircuts though and I'm never enthusiastic about doing anything new, so the expensive haircuts will probably continue. The dogs have the right idea about hair. Their coats always look nice. A Dalmatian's coat is never too short and never too long. They do shed a lot though. I wouldn't want to shed.

I probably should shed a few of my stocks. The market has been doing terrible this week. You'd think with all this political unrest that at least my gold stocks would be doing well. Apparently not. I heard something on the news today that all the mining stocks were going to be adversely affected by the rising price of oil and that it would be better to own the metal itself. Hey guys, you should have told me that last month.

I wish someone had told me it was going to rain today. I could see blue sky overhead when we started on our evening walk, but before we even got to the halfway point, a storm appeared out of nowhere and we all got drenched. The dogs and I are dry again now, but there is no training class tonight. No water leaking in from the roof yet either. Knock on wood. Maybe I actually managed to fix the leak the other day. I certainly hope so.

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