Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 438

I think I'm coming down with a cold. Actually, I know I'm coming down with a cold. I knew it the moment someone sitting next to me at last Wednesday's animal rescue meeting mentioned that she had a cold and shouldn't really be there. If I'm within fifty yards of someone with a cold, I usually catch it. The only reason I'm relatively healthy is that I don't really spend much time around other people. At any rate, I've been walking around in a fog all day. I took some antihistamines this morning to stop the runny nose, but all they did was make me sleepy and leave me with a weird buzzing feeling in my head.

I went to the storage warehouse after breakfast this morning and brought home some empty boxes that I plan to fill with things in the office that I haven't used or even looked at in a long time. Most of the boxes are for collectibles that were important at one time or another, but are now just gathering dust. I still love to collect things, but I ran out of room a long time ago. Somehow, I've got to get a handle on this mess. Here's a plan. I've always been good at acquiring stuff. Janet is equally good at getting rid of it. Maybe when we get old, we could have a tidy little business just selling off what remains of all my accumulated crap on eBay.

I think I'm finally starting to understand what Twitter is all about. Rather than just sit around passively as a motley crew of self-proclaimed SEO gurus and spammers start to follow you, it is actually possible to go look for people with shared interests yourself. I did a search today for people with the word Dalmatian in their profile and found quite a few interesting folks who followed me back almost immediately. I wonder why there are so many people on Facebook and Twitter who are obsessed with Dalmatians, but almost no bloggers? I've only run into one other blogger who has a Dalmatian. Maybe Dalmatians just aren't very conducive to writing.

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