Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 448

I was a little nervous when I took Dash to the vet today. When a dog is losing weight and has blood in their stools, it can can often mean there are very serious problems. Luckily, Dash is just fine. After a thorough exam, we discovered that although his weight has been dropping, he is actually at an ideal weight now and was a bit too heavy six months ago when the gradual weight loss started. The blood in his stools turned out not to be serious either. There were no polyps or signs of parasites. The vet suspected that a piece of bark that Dash ate had scratched his colon. If I can just keep Dash from eating bark, we'll be fine.

I went to a Panasonic seminar this afternoon and learned more about their new AG-AF100 video camera. I really want one of these cameras. It records HD video to SDXC cards and can use just about any 35mm lens in existence. I'm glad I haven't upgraded to HD already, because this is the camera I've been waiting for. I have the lenses that I need already. The AG-AF100 is compatible with a Final Cut Pro workflow. Timecode, vectorscope, XLR +4 audio inputs, zebra, it's all there. What more could you want? Well, I guess 4.2.2. video would be nice, but I can live with 4.2.0. I think I've convinced myself that this camera would be good for the company. It is going out on a bit of a limb though. I'll have to admit that people aren't exactly standing in line asking me to make films for them anymore. Nevertheless, I've made movies before and I can make movies again. The simple truth is that my current equipment is out of date and if I ever expect to get serious bids on projects again, I have to be able to shoot in HD.

Luckily, there's enough website work to more or less pay the bills until the film/video business picks up again. I've got a ton of website updates to complete tomorrow. Oh, and I just found out that there's a new Dalmatian at the Collin County pound that's entering the rescue program too. I need to find out if this new boy needs a ride back to the K-9 University kennels.

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