Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 452

I took Janet to the airport this morning for her trip to Las Vegas. Now, I've got to remember to give the dogs their pills every morning and bunch of other little things that she usually takes care of. I'm not very good at remembering anything new, so Janet always makes me a checklist before she travels. I dutifully take care of everything on the list each day and then return to my normal forgetful ways. The dogs and I are certainly not getting up before sunrise this week. We'll sleep in a bit later while we've got the chance.

My photo shoot with the new puppy this afternoon went quite well. Since the house where the puppy lived was in Highland Park, there was plenty of room to set up my equipment. I actually had more room to set up my lights and backdrop in the living room than I typically have in the commercial buildings where we do photo events for Dalmatian Rescue. I wish I could find more of this type of work in the Park Cities. The people are nice. I get to see some really cool houses. And nobody quibbles about the budget. Maybe if the puppy's Mom hangs her picture in a prominent place, some of her friends will want pictures of their pets as well.

If would certainly be easier to be a family photographer for rich people than it is to deal with corporate giants. I found out today that if I get the week long social media job that I'm putting together a proposal for, I won't be able to pre-bill anything. I kind of suspected that this would happen, but I'm not too happy about it. What it means is that I'll have to pay the crew I hire immediately on completion of the job and then wait, and wait, and wait to get reimbursed. I've waited as long as three and a half months to get paid by some of these huge companies. I never quite know what I'm going to get either, since this company likes to pay in Euros and the value of the dollar fluctuates a lot these days.

I need to remember to set the clocks ahead tonight. There are other volunteers that help walk the rescue Dalmatians on Sundays, and they won't be happy if I'm an hour late to let them in the building. I'm certainly not going to change all the clocks in the house, because I'd be up the rest of the night resetting things. It's probably enough to just reset the clock radio by my bed and the wristwatch I'm wearing. That's one of the many things I like about this computer. It resets itself automatically whenever the time changes.

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