Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Day 497

Dash had his annual exam today. When I was talking with the vet about Dash's skin condition, I asked whether I should keep track of what time of year the bronzing on his coat appeared or got worse. "There isn't really an allergy season in Texas," she said. "It can be hot and dry one day and turn cool and humid the next." This is certainly true. It probably explains why I have allergies myself more or less year round. Today was certainly a good example of the unpredictable weather Texas is famous for. I'd look out the window one minute and see sunshine and blue skies. An hour later I'd look out the same window and see pouring rain with hail. Back and forth it went like this all day.

I'm feeling a little more comfortable about next week's social media assignment. I'm officially on the guest list now, so at least I'll be able to get in the convention center. I found a nifty little gizmo that lets me put my iPhone on a tripod for stable, clear video. I even found a good quality external mike that works well with my minuscule camera equipment. I still don't know what to wear though. Do I wear a nice suit like the customers buying billion dollar offshore oil platforms at the show? Or do I show up as my shabby looking self in jeans and a t-shirt. Probably a suit would be a good idea.

The animal rescue folks want to turn my Wine on the Roof poster into a giant vinyl banner to hang on the outside of their building. I took the PDF file up to my local Fastsigns store and asked how large they could make it. They said ten or fifteen feet long was a piece of cake. Cool. I always like seeing my photos very large. I also like what I'm seeing with the new TV we got the other day. I accidentally hit an unfamiliar button on the remote while I was getting dressed this morning and a large menu of Internet content appeared. It's amazing. You can get all sorts of movies, shows, radio, music, and other material straight off the Internet. It's really not a TV at all. Just like my iPhone, it's really just a computer disguised as something else.

Oh, one more thing. I had to go to this special website today and input all my contact information, so I could get a badge and credentials for the oil and gas trade show. They wanted a picture, so I used my blog profile picture with me and Dash. I'll bet I'm they only person at the show with a Dalmatian on his badge.

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