Thursday, May 5, 2011

Day 506

Today went very smoothly. I managed to get an entire video on water treatment shot, edited and uploaded before noon. Most days I had a lot more time to work, because the booth was open for business until 6 or 7 PM. Today was the last day of the show however, and everything ended at 2 PM. I really learned a lot this week. I learned that wearing a nice pair of wool slacks is a lot more comfortable at the end of a long day than the Levis I've worn most of my life. I learned that you really need a pair of good quality noise canceling headphones to monitor sound when you shoot video interviews in a noisy hall like this. I learned that I can go all day without eating if I need to. I learned a lot about editing with severe time constraints under less than optimal conditions. Although I'm dog tired at the moment, I really had a lot of fun. In my tame, sedate little world, this is kind of my equivalent of working without a net. I hope these guys ask me back. The entire team was super professional, extremely nice...oh, and did I mention that they're going to Rio next.

I was a little worried about Houston traffic and being late, so I paid a little more to fly Business Select on Southwest Airlines. I'll eat the difference on my bid price, but the upgrade was definitely worth it. I used to hate flying on Southwest because of the long lines going through security and the inevitable fight for a good seat when you finally get to your plane. Business Select takes care of all this for just a few dollars more. You've got your own special line at check-in and you get to board the plane first. I sat in row three on both legs of the trip.

Tomorrow it's back to website design. It will probably take me most of the morning to sort through my e-mail and find out what deadlines I've already missed. I'm pretty sure that I told most of my clients that I'd be gone all week, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was something important that was supposed to go live yesterday. Jasper, one of our friends dogs is very sick. Please say a prayer for him tonight.

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