Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 511

I woke up this morning feeling sick, and I'm finishing the day feeling even sicker. I think I'm just totally run down. It's been ages since I've had a chance to relax and do nothing. Lately, my life has become an endless "to do" list that extends out far beyond the horizon. On the other hand, maybe I'm not run down at all. It could be that I just have a bad case of the flu. I certainly have that aching feeling in my bones that comes along with every case of the flu that I can remember. I spend so much time alone that I have no resistance to other people's colds and ailments either. Probably spending a week with thousands of people in Houston, followed by Wine on the Roof with hundreds more just did me in.

It was a busy day nevertheless. I worked on the new HVAC website, wrote some more watch articles and played phone tag with the people in Houston who are still trying to figure out how to pay me with a credit card. This is essentially what I did yesterday and it's probably what I'll be doing tomorrow as well. I just hope a feel a little better tomorrow. Today, my head feels like it's going to explode.

When I was walking the dogs this morning, several joggers asked me if I'd seen the coyotes. I'm glad I hadn't because sometimes Dot and Dash don't ignore the coyotes like they should and start barking wildly instead. I certainly don't want to provoke a pack of coyotes. I've got enough problems as it is.

Somehow I've completely missed the new season of Dr. Who. I wonder if I missed anything good. I know that they were supposed to shoot this year's new episodes in the United States. Usually when a British or Canadian television series starts doing episodes in the United States, the whole thing starts to go down hill. This is certainly what happened with Lexx. The first three seasons were good, but the last and final season, shot here in the United States, was absolutely terrible. Hey guys, it's not all about the Grand Canyon and cowboy hats over here.

Maybe they'll figure out how to pay me tomorrow. Money is nice. I always like receiving money whether I'm sick or not.

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