Sunday, May 15, 2011

Day 516

We spent most of the day at the La Buena Vida Vineyards, enjoying the nice weather, visiting with other Dalmatians, and trying to get the word out about Dalmatian Rescue. The winery hosts its annual Canines, Felines & Texas Wine event every May and this is the third year that Dalmatian Rescue has attended. This was actually the first year I've been to the event myself, but Janet goes every year. I enjoyed myself. So did Dot and Dash. We took both dogs with us today and they enjoyed getting to meet all the other dogs at the winery. I think they enjoyed the abundance of dog treats even more. This was an upscale crowd. I saw people buying expensive cheese trays and then feeding the cheese to the dogs. Lots of champagne and Prada purses too. Dot and Dash got to see their friend Willow again. I didn't get to drink any wine though. I just had bottled water. Sadly, my blood work seems to confirm that my liver just doesn't appreciate wine anymore. Hamburgers aren't prohibited yet, so I did have a tasty burger.

The afternoon might have been a bit too relaxing. I found myself falling asleep in my chair from time-to-time. I'm continually tired these days. I need to start getting seven or eight hours of sleep again. Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen though. Blogging, demanding clients and a habit of watching television after I've gone to bed aren't very conducive to sleep.

The dogs certainly didn't have any trouble sleeping today. They both had a big day. Despite all the phobias Dash has about riding in the car, the dogs slept peacefully all the way home.

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