Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 520

I couldn't find anything to eat in the fridge today, so I went down to my neighborhood barbecue place and picked up some takeout brisket and ribs. Never mind that there was plenty of food in the freezer. Never mind that the shelves were stocked with tons of canned items too. There just wasn't anything I could throw in the microwave and eat two minutes later. I live on leftovers. I'm always excited when Janet cooks something over the weekend that I know will keep a long time, because this eliminates any chance that I might actually have to resort to cooking for myself. I do cook breakfast, but that's different. Breakfast is a sacred ritual that I use to postpone starting my work chores as long as possible.

I think I've finally discovered the secret to getting a lot of Twitter followers. You just follow people who do exactly the same thing you do. Once I started following other writers, my Twitter account started becoming a very busy place. For the past month or so, I think most of my new blog followers have come directly from Twitter. As busy as my Twitter account has become, I'll have to admit that I don't really understand it. It still seems like robots talking to robots. Sometimes my automated replies will trigger further automated replies on the other end. A whole little automated conversation ensues. It's weird, but you can't ignore it. All my clients want to be on Twitter now. I guess social media is here to stay. I noticed that LinkedIn almost doubled in price in its first day as a publicly traded stock. Makes me wish I could get in on the Facebook IPO, if that ever happens.

I think Dash might have eaten a dead bird. There were certainly a suspicious amount of feathers strewn around the yard this morning. I'm hoping is was a neighbor's cat that actually ate the bird and that Dash is just interested in the remaining feathers. If he did eat the bird, he'll probably throw up tonight like he always does when he eats crap. The fact that he has a sensitive stomach doesn't seem to slow him down in the least when there is something rotten in the vicinity.

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