Sunday, May 22, 2011

Day 523

The Wagging Tail dog park was practically empty today. There must have been a Mavericks game going on or something. Sporting events are the only thing that will keep people in Dallas inside on a nice day like this. The dogs certainly didn't care if the park was empty. They actually seem to have more fun on days like this than when the park is full of other dogs. They certainly had a good time today. Dash even rode well in the car on the way home today. He's such a mature dog now that he's six.

When we got home from the dog park, I walked down to the lake behind our house to take a look at the annual British/Italian car show. I'm always amazed at the variety of weird and wonderful cars that show up at this quirky, little show. Today there was a beautiful old Rolls Royce from the early 1900's, a Ferrari so rare that there are probably only 50 of them in the entire world, and a 1967 British NATO armored personnel carrier with a six cylinder Rolls Royce engine. Where do people get these things? This isn't a big, huge event either. It's just a little neighborhood car show.

I don't know why I even bothered to take a shower today. It was so hot and muggy outside that after back-to-back visits to the dog park and the car show, my clothes were dripping wet. It felt like I'd spent a month in the jungle. It's not even June yet either. Dot and Dash don't enjoy our hot Texas Summers and I can certainly understand why. What we need now is for another indoor dog park to come along. It's really a shame that Unleashed went out of business.

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