Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Day 533

I came across one of my Paypal ads again today. I don't see these things all that often, but they're still floating around out there. I don't think the ads have changed my life much. Oddly, I am spending more on Paypal though. I find myself increasingly using Paypal instead of a credit card to pay for things, mostly out of a vague feeling of loyalty. Maybe that was the whole point of the ads. Go out and find some people who are wasteful spenders, feature them in ads, and then they'll spend even more. I'm still not sure why they picked me, but I do like the company. They're been really helpful to Dalmatian Rescue.

Scooby was neutered this morning and finished up his health checkup, so I picked him up at the vet this afternoon and took him over to The Velvet Snout. I initially thought that this was the most ridiculous name I'd ever heard of for a doggie day care/boarding facility. I'm starting to have second thoughts though. The name immediately rises straight to the top in Google searches. It's easy to remember too. Maybe in this age of Google, oddball names are the best. Before the Internet became ubiquitous, I was convinced that my own name was completely unique. According to Google, it is actually pretty common. There are Sealander architects, Sealander Environmental, Health & Safety companies, Sealander law firms, Sealander Real Estate agents and probably dozens of other companies that I'm not even aware of. Maybe Sealander & Company wasn't quite as original as I thought. Maybe if I called my own company The Velvet Snout twenty years ago, I'd be famous now.

One of the dogs in our training class is on Prozac now, just because he went after another dog about a month ago. I think that's sad. I've never been a big fan of mood altering drugs. Life isn't always pretty. Dogs bite. People get depressed. Life goes on. You've just got to learn to deal with it.

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