Saturday, June 4, 2011

Day 536

We took Dot and Dash shopping for new collars today. They love going into any type of store, but dog stores are just about the only places that will tolerate them. Dot, being a typical girl, couldn't find anything pretty enough, but Dash came home with a spiffy new collar. This was no ordinary collar, mind you. This one was beaded and hand-made in Kenya by the Maasai.

After the shopping excursion, Janet and I went to meet the three new Dalmatians who just entered the Dalmatian Rescue program. One of the new dogs was Scooby, who I rescued earlier in the week. The other two, who were rescued by Ann and Pat, were named Shelby and Maverick. I remember naming a dog Ranger last year when the Texas Rangers were playing in the World Series. I have a feeling that Maverick's name might have something do do with how well the Dallas Mavericks are doing this year in the NBA playoffs. All three of these new dogs are fabulous and by some stroke of good luck, none of them have heartworms.

A fire engine went by with its siren wailing while I was taking the dogs on their evening walk. All the sudden I heard a cacophony of howling in a nearby patch of brush. I instantly knew what I was listening to. The neighborhood coyotes have had pups. May is typically when coyotes have their litters. I have heard this frenzied howling before. I turned the dogs around and we started walking the other way. Better safe than sorry. Dash just isn't predictable around coyotes. He usually starts barking and growling at them, which is not good. I definitely don't want to provoke a mother coyote while she is protecting her den.

I've come up with a plan to keep my new large-format printer from clogging all the time like the old printer did. I'm going to start using it as my everyday printer. It's a bit of overkill to use this huge printer to print Microsoft Word documents, but it might actually save money. I can't even begin to guess how much expensive ink I've wasted in cleaning cycles trying to unclog the old printer. Maybe this plan will work better than my plan to get rid of the bees. It's time to call a professional beekeeper to come remove them. I had a dream about the bees last night. Well, it was more of a nightmare actually. The bees had gotten inside the house and were attacking us.

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