Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 539

Today was the day I was supposed to take Dash to the vet. Unfortunately, I canceled the appointment yesterday. I thought Dash was well again, since he has seemed absolutely normal for over two weeks now. So what happens this morning? His diarrhea returns, he poops on the carpet and throws up his breakfast on his morning walk. These were exactly the same symptoms that caused me to make the appointment in the first place. I called the vet again and tried to get my appointment back, but of course someone else had already taken it. Now I've got to wait until next week to get Dash in for a check-up again. This time I'm going to keep the appointment, whether he seems sick or not.

I drove up to Carrollton after breakfast to pick up the missing check that turned up yesterday. I guess I could have waited a few more days and the check would have come in the mail, but I'm a superstitious person and I didn't want anything else to go wrong. Airplane crashes aren't the only things that happen in groups of three. I think a lot of things go wrong in threes. Hey, why take chances.

Cleaning up runny dog poop on the office carpet and driving across town to pick up the check definitely put me behind this morning. I had made plans to go to an Avid Technology editing seminar later in the day, but I never managed to get caught up in time to make a second trip across town. By the time the dogs had finished smelling every tree on their evening walk, the seminar was half over. I guess it was no great loss that I missed the presentation. I had been thinking of getting Avid Media Composer for an upcoming video editing project, but the project went away when the client decided to edit it themselves.

I guess I made progress today. I went to the pet store and got a new bottle of Natures Miracle to get rid of the smell in my office. I got another watch article written. I put a little money in the bank. Tonight we'll see if Dash can hold his dinner down. I hope he feels better. My guess is that he's been eating too many June bugs in the back yard, but with a dog like Dash, it could be anything.

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