Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 543

OK. This required a certain leap of faith. I took down the magic strip on the side of the house that caused all the bees to leave. Tonight, more bees are supposed to return. According to the beekeeper, these won't be the same bees though. They will be scavenger bees that just want the remaining honey that's still in the hive. When all the honey is gone, the thieving neighborhood bees will leave too. I asked the beekeeper what the bees do with the honey they steal. "Oh, they just add it to the honey in their own hives," he said. So, bees aren't all that different from people. They just want to see who can accumulate the most stuff.

The dogs had a busy day today. We took them both up to an adoption event at a PetCo store in Plano. Dot and Dash were both well behaved, but we didn't accomplish much for Dalmatian Rescue. The store was virtually empty. The whole time we were there, only two people came by our table.

Later in the day, we went to the annual Summer party for our Wednesday training class. The party took place in the park behind our house, so we just walked to the event. The dogs were much more interested in the fried chicken the people were eating than in the competitive events for the dogs. We entered Dot in one of the races, but she wasn't very interested. After winning her initial heat, she and a cute little Vizsla named Laine refused to leave the starting line in the semi-final race. Dot really doesn't like the heat. We took her inside the pavilion building where lunch was being served and she lay down right next to an air conditioning vent.

Everything is back to normal now. Dot and Dash are sleeping on their blankets. I just finished watching a surprising Dr. Who episode where River Song turned out to be Amy Pond and Rory's daughter. It's hard to keep track of this show after the universe has been destroyed and recreated several times and most of the main characters have died and been brought back to life, often to end up living in a parallel universe somewhere. This isn't like MI-5 where the characters routinely get killed and just leave the show. Everyone seems to come back in Dr. Who. I fully expect to see Rose Tyler and Donna Noble return again at some point.

I wonder if scavenger bees are feasting on honey right now. I'll probably never know. Since the beehive is actually inside my inaccessible flat roof, I'll never actually see it. I believe it is there though. There is certainly a lot of circumstantial evidence that it is there. Maybe the inside of my roof is like the Tardis: bigger on the inside than on the outside. There certainly were an enormous number of bees exiting the roof the other day.

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