Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day 548

I'm just glad when days like this are over. As soon as the dogs morning walk was finished, it was non-stop work. There was a photo-shoot to take more employee pictures. There were websites to update. There were articles to write. There was a rescue group meeting to attend. In a way, it was just a normal day, but usually there are little breaks between these things. Today it was non-stop all day long. I just got back from the rescue group meeting and as the discussions lingered on, I found myself looking at my watch and thinking "oh dear, I've still got the blog to write too."

Today's the day I need to take the week's trash out to the street as well. Luckily, Dot always reminds me about this one. She seems to be obsessed with trash bags. As soon as I start emptying wastebaskets and carrying trash bags around the house, she starts barking like crazy. She'll follow me all the way out to the garbage cans behind the house and won't relax until all the trash has been properly disposed of. She barks at garbage trucks too. Only garbage trucks. Moving vans and utility vehicles of a similar size, she completely ignores. The more time I spend around dogs, the more I realize that they have just as many superstitions and strange obsessions as people.

Have any of you started getting those BranchOut invitations on Facebook? Evidently Facebook is starting it's own version of LinkedIn. Just what we need: one more thing to keep track of. I definitely have mixed emotions about this one. Now that I've embraced social media, I like to be connected to lots of people. I'm actually starting to get business from social media connections now, and in this economy, that's definitely a good thing. On the other hand, the only way you can invite someone to join your BranchOut network is to post an invitation on their wall. I'm sure when people see these invitations, they seem exactly like all those irritating Farmville game requests and those other things that say "so and so has just answered a question about you." Maybe I should take the lazy man's route and just send a blanket invite to all my Twitter followers. That way I will have a business contact list populated by thousands of YA writers who are working on a vampire novel. Who knows. Maybe this would actually be better than having a list full of advertising people. The advertising people are more likely to be vampires themselves.

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