Friday, June 17, 2011

Day 549

I think we've become far too dependent on computers. I was picking up some things for dinner at Central Market tonight and I noticed that the big sign that said 20% off on all deli items if your total is $20 or more was back again. The last last time they had this special, I missed the total by 2 cents and didn't get a discount. I knew I would get it tonight though, because I was hungrier and would probably buy more. Sure enough, when I got to the register my total was $32. No discount appeared on the register display though. The check-out girl couldn't understand why I didn't get the discount, so she called the manager over. He looked at my register tape and said that I didn't really go over $20 because the Rotisserie Chicken didn't apply. I told him that I didn't buy a Rotisserie Chicken. He looked through my bag and pulled out a clear plastic box that said Rotisserie Chicken on it. "Here it is," he told me. "Jeez, look what's inside that box," I told the manager. He looked again and guess what he saw. A couple of Ribeye Steaks. How they ended up labeling steak as chicken I'll never know. I got my discount. I think I also got the steaks for the price of a Rotisserie Chicken, but it was too complicated for me to do the math.

It is the middle of the month again, so I paid my bills today. I used to pay bills the moment they arrived in the mail, but the whole process is so unsatisfying that I only do it a couple of time a month now. At least when you buy a nice pair of pants or a new computer, there is some satisfaction involved. When you pay an electric bill, there is no satisfaction whatsoever. Electricity is kind of like air to me. Why should we have to pay for it at all? I'm sure the electric company doesn't think this way though. Probably the cable company, the phone company and the gas company don't feel this way either.

I've noticed that the webworms have returned to the park again. They are devoring hundreds of beautiful mature pecan trees. You'd think the city would do something about this, since it's getting worse every year. I see city crews out all the time pruning trees or putting weed killer on the edges of the bike paths. The worms are fairly easy to control with Orthene, but I've never seen any attempt to get rid of them. Probably there's some sort of "save the webworm" group lobbying the city council to leave them alone.

I'm going to put silicon caulk around the edge of the roof this weekend. I think the bees are gone for good. One problem solved, ninety-nine left to go.

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