Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 560

Dash always gets his antigen shot on Tuesday. Today, the vet and I spent so much time talking about all of Dash's other ailments that we forgot to give him the shot. Dash and I were walking out to the car to go home when I finally remembered what we were here for. Back inside we went, and yes, we did finally get the shot. Dash has to fast tonight, because tomorrow morning, he goes back to the vet again for blood work. The vet thinks there may be a problem with his pancreas and he needs a special blood test to determine if this is the cause of his recurring vomiting and diarrhea.

The boys in the family seem to have all the medical problems. Between us, Dash and I definitely spend a lot of time at the doctor. Janet and Dot never seem to get sick. The girls just have dental problems. True to form, Dot needs to have her teeth looked at again in July.

Some friends of ours are taking a car trip with their two dogs to see the American West. We get periodic pictures showing the dogs visiting Indian cliff dwellings in Colorado, the Grand Tetons in Wyoming, and dipping their paws in the Puget Sound near Seattle. I used to live out West and these pictures bring back good memories. So far, I've been to every place I've seen in the e-mail pictures. It makes me wonder why I ever moved to Dallas. If you asked me where a nice place to live might be, my answer would far more likely be a place like Flathead Lake, Montana than Dallas, Texas. Texas was were the jobs were though. That's why I moved here. Evidently, Texas is still where the jobs are. I saw a statistic on television the other day that said that over 30% of all the new jobs created in the United States last year were created in Texas. That's pretty amazing. There are 50 states and Texas has one third of all the new jobs? What are the other states doing wrong?

I hope Dash sleeps better tonight. Last night he kept waking me up in the middle of the night frantically scratching at the back door to go out. At least he didn't poop on the bed or carpet though. I'm still trying to get the smell of yesterday's mishaps out of the house.

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