Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 565

I've got to rethink my approach to storing clothes. When I was getting dressed this morning, I realized that I'm wearing the same clothes over and over again. I have all my shirts and pants neatly stacked in the dresser drawers, but whenever I get something to wear, I always just pick something off the top of the stack. After I do the laundry, I put the clean clothes right back on top of the stack again. The clothes in the middle of the stack or the bottom never get worn at all. I pulled one of these stacks out of the dresser this morning and looked at it. It was like one of those core samples that geologists take before they start drilling for oil. It was easy to tell what I liked at different points in time. Some of the shirts near the bottom of the stack still had the store tags attached. They'd never been work at all. I thought briefly about turning all the stacks upside down, so I would start wearing the other clothes, but I'm such a creature of habit that I picked a shirt and pair of pants right off the top again.

The dogs are creatures of habit too. We took them to a brand new dog park today and from the way they acted in the car, you'd think we were taking them to Outer Mongolia. When we finally arrived however, the dogs were happy as could be. There were new smells to explore and new dogs to sniff. Their excitement was short lived unfortunately. It was so hot outside that both dogs were ready to go home again in less than ten minutes. We spent a lot longer getting to the dog park that we actually spent playing in the park.

Janet wanted me to fix one of her watches today, so when I got hers running again, I thought I'd get a few of my own running as well. I used to keep the entire collection wound and running, but eventually I realized that this was a giant waste of time and money. I got about ten watches running again today, including one that said it had to be sent back to the factory for battery replacement. When I opened the thing up, I realized why they put this warning in the instruction book. The watch had two batteries that were buried somewhere near the middle of the watch under a maze of tiny plates held together by even tinier springs and screws. Situations like this are why I don't open up watches as often as I used to. I frequently found myself in over my head and ruined a few perfectly good watches. I got this one fixed and put back together though. It took me half the afternoon, but I was determined not to destroy one of my favorites.

We're still trying to decide whether to walk the dogs in the neighborhood Fourth of July parade. Dot and Dash would be real cute dressed in something patriotic, but it's so hot outside that we're afraid that the pavement would burn their paws. We'll se how the weather is tomorrow.

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