Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 583

The water bill is going to be horrendous this month. I turn on the sprinklers and then I keep forgetting to turn them off again. Maybe it's because so many things turn themselves off automatically these days. The washing machine turns itself off when its done. The coffee maker turns itself off. Even the new television turns itself off when we go to sleep. Maybe I should get some more of those battery powered timers that attach to the faucet. I've bought them before and they all seem to last about two weeks. It really shouldn't be that hard to remember to turn the sprinklers off after a couple of hours.

I feel like I've doubled the size of one of the veterinary websites I manage today. When I started working for these folks, they had eight employees. Now they have over thirty. Since they like to feature employee bios on the site, I need to bring things up to date periodically. This isn't even the largest vet I work for either. Another veterinarian I work with has over fifty employees. If you are young and still considering a career path, you definitely ought to look into veterinary medicine. I'm sure there are unsuccessful vets somewhere, but I sure don't know any. If you don't think you've got what it takes to make it through vet school, just open a doggie day care center. These businesses are becoming increasingly popular too.

I couldn't figure out why my foursquare score kept going up and down. Then, someone told me today that the points are reset every week. I suddenly lost interest in the game. If the points aren't cumulative, I'll never get anywhere. I don't even leave the house all that much.

Trash day again. I just got back from hauling this week's accumulation of trash out to the street for pickup early tomorrow morning. Yeah, I know it's Friday tomorrow, but when the trash can is empty, I consider the week officially over.

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