Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 585

Dot and Janet left earlier in the day for a dog show in Houston with their friends Willow, Pat and Ann. Dash and I stayed behind to eat frozen pizzas and watch late-night science fiction movies on TV. Dash was beside himself when Dot left. He's kind of an insecure dog anyway and always likes to have another dog nearby. It's too bad he couldn't have gone to the dog show too, but he never would have made it as far as Houston in a car. One of the reasons we've been driving to a dog park in far North Dallas every week is to get him used to traveling in a car. We usually can't go five miles before he starts howling and acting like the sky is going to fall. The one time we tried to take him on a long car trip, he got so upset that he had a seizure the next day.

My favorite clothing store was having a big sale, so I went and picked up a couple of new shirts this afternoon. I don't know why I even bother to buy clothes anymore. I never go anywhere and typically end up wearing the same things over and over. The dogs certainly don't care what I look like. My clients don't really care either, since I mostly just communicate with them over the Internet. Oddly, I still like the idea of nice clothes, even though I usually just wear jeans and left-over t-shirts from Dalmatian Rescue golf tournaments.

I'm still kind of fascinated with Google+. I find myself being drawn into conversations that I would never have on Facebook. It's so easy to comment on someone's post. I wish that blog comments were handled this way. When you try to leave a comment on someone's blog and you have to cycle through a dozen different cryptic looking captchas before you can find one you can actually read, it hardly seems worth the effort. I think Google+ came along at just the right time to give my mind a little jump start. Once I started checking in on foursquare, I was afraid I had begun that long downhill spiral that could only end at the gates of Mafia Wars and Farmville.

I'm wondering whether to take Dash to the dog park tomorrow. He dislikes riding in my car even more than riding in Janet's car. We'll see how brave we both are.

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