Friday, July 29, 2011

Day 591

One one hand, it was a perfectly normal doctor's visit. On the other hand, it was a perfectly normal client meeting. I'm still getting used to having my personal physician as a client. During my visit today, the doctor would check me for signs of Carpal tunnel syndrome, while I would take videos of him talking about osteoporosis. These two sides to the visit would be happening almost simultaneously. The doc would tell me how to reduce my cholesterol levels, while I would be telling him how to improve his SEO.

I actually like having everyone I know as a client. It makes life simpler. I probably have slipped over to the dark side though. While the rest of the world worries about keeping medical records private, I kept asking the nurse if she could burn me a disk of my X-Rays today so I could put them on the blog.

There are other signs I have succumbed to the digital world as well. I have this cool smart app on my iPhone that lets me deposit checks in my bank just by taking a picture of them. Do I ever use it? Well, not exactly. You see, I also have this cool dumb app on my iPhone called foursquare that tells me I am the Mayor of my bank. So, instead of taking a quick picture with my phone, I drive all the way to bank, just so I can check in and keep someone else from becoming Mayor. I'm Mayor of several other places too, but they're all equally boring pedestrian venues. I'm right on the verge of becoming Mayor of the Post Office.

I got a message from my broker today, saying that the comptroller of a REIT I've been investing in had been caught embezzling from the fund and had managed to steal 7% of the fund's total assets. Nice. What could top this bad news? Oh right...the country's going to go bankrupt next Tuesday. I can't believe that congress still can't get their act together. What did we elect these guys for anyway?

I just found out that two Dalmatians in the rescue program passed away today. I knew both dogs were sick, but kept hoping that they would improve. Harley had bone cancer and I don't know if we'll ever really know the true nature of Bentley's illness. It's really sad when you do everything you can possible think of to bring these guys back to good health and it still isn't enough.

I'm glad our own two dogs are still healthy. I'm also glad that I'm apparently a bit healthier than I thought I was. In between everything else we were talking about this afternoon, my doctor told me that the meds he put me on are working and that although I'm still in a risk group for getting diabetes, I definitely don't have the disease.

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