Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Day 596

Now that I'm writing a lot about watches, I've started noticing that there are other watch writers out there. Some of these folks seem to routinely get invited to polo matches in Argentina and are given expensive watches by manufacturers to "evaluate." Jeez, I must be one of the most unglamorous watch writers on the planet. None of these things has ever happened to me. I do occasionally write as if I'm at a glamorous red carpet event, but I'm really just sitting here at the computer with a dog under my desk. Although I keep waiting for a small package in the mail , nobody has sent me a watch yet either. Come on, Omega and Rolex. Send me a nice timepiece and I'll get a beautiful Dalmatian to wear it for you. See if you other watch writers can top that.

A word to the wise. If it's 110 degrees outside, don't even try to go out and mow the grass. I got the mower out this morning and almost keeled over from the heat. It is unbelievably hot this Summer. I think we have gone way beyond the "fry an egg on the sidewalk" stage. We take our morning walks earlier now, because every hour we wait means an increase in temperature. If we walk right around sunrise, it is only 88 degrees. If we wait until a few hours later, the temperature is already over 100 degrees. I really ought to get up on the roof while it's hot and dry like this and do some serious patching, but I'm afraid I would stick to the melting tar.

I watched the old 2007 Top Gear episode where Richard and James make a futile attempt to launch a space shuttle made out of an old Reliant Robin for probably the third time while I was eating dinner this evening. I love this show. I always tell people that if women really want to know what men are like, all they need to do is watch a full season of Top Gear.

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