Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 612 - Janet's Birthday

Our birthday celebrations have much gotten simpler as the years go by. We used to make reservations weeks in advance at a fancy restaurant. Now, we're pared things back to the basics: cake and alcohol. Yeah, I know that I can't drink anymore, but I cut myself some slack on birthdays and holidays. I don't think its good to be too rigid about anything. At any rate, we had a nice dinner at home with the dogs and Janet was happy with everything except being a year older.

Tomorrow evening we're having another Dalmatian Rescue Casino Party, so we need to get up early to go set up the gaming tables. For this benefit, we've teamed up with a local restaurant, and are hoping for a good turnout. The restaurant is promoting the party too, but we still don't know whether we'll have a huge crowd tomorrow or an empty room. A huge crowd would be nice.

You would think it would be getting a little cooler by now. The days are definitely getting shorter again, but the temperature was still 108 today. I got stuck in traffic while I was running errands this afternoon and I noticed that my car was starting to overheat. One more month and the worst will be over. The cooler weather couldn't come fast enough for me. I'm tired of worrying about overheating cars and air conditioner failures. In the winter, all I've got to worry about are roof leaks.

Today's writing assignment was coming up with a branding story for a new product with absolutely no history. I asked the client how they wanted me to write this story and they basically told me to just make it up. Sure. I can do that. This is actually branding in its most elemental form: total fabrication.

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