Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day 618

What a difference a little rain makes. We had an early morning shower and even though the rain didn't last long, everything looked a lot greener on our morning walk. The few remaining flowers didn't look quite so wilted, and if you looked closely, the yellowed prairie grass in the meadows had already grown some tiny green shoots. From a distance, these patches of native grass had an odd yellow/green color that reminded me of vintage bathroom tiles. The temperature was only 85 degrees this morning, but this pleasant interlude didn't last long. By the time our evening walk rolled around, it was back up over 100 again.

Today was a day to deliver things. Somehow, it is a lot more satisfying to deliver a large framed photo to a client than it is to simply attach a Microsoft Word file to an e-mail. When I deliver a physical object I have created, it feels like I've accomplished something. The things I attach to e-mail seem to disappear from my memory the minute I hit the send button. The next day, I wonder if I've actually done anything at all. Maybe there's a lesson in all this, but probably not. Even most of my photo jobs are delivered electronically these days. It was nice to get out of the office, but I probably won't have any more large physical objects to deliver again for quite a while.

I'm trying to decide whether to buy Avid Media Composer. On one hand, Avid has a fabulous special price right now for Final Cut Pro users, trying to lure them into the fold. On the other hand, the price after the special discount is still pretty expensive and I'm not actually editing anything right now. My logic for buying something that I don't really need is usually if I don't buy it, the money will just disappear in the stock market anyway. It's hard to tell these days though. Who knows what the market is going to do? At one point today, the market was way up because Warren Buffett bought a bunch of Bank of America stock. Then it was way down again just a few hours later because of something that happened in Germany. With this kind of sea-saw action, Avid Media Composer probably is a much better investment. Hey, if I could just teach my dogs a few tricks, I could make wildly popular YouTube videos. The dogs would rather sleep than learn silly tricks though. Truthfully, I'd rather sleep as well.

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