Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 622

We didn't get very far on our morning walk today. Dot saw a lightning bolt way off in the distance and decided that the walk was over. Dot makes all the weather decisions, so we turned around and went home. Since our walk was cut short, I had a lot more time for breakfast this morning. After all Dot's drama, we never did get any rain. It's still dry as a bone. By afternoon, it was just as hot as usual and the dogs made up for lost time by taking a much longer walk than they normally do in the afternoons.

I got listed on Robert Scoble's photographers to follow list today and all the sudden I'm a lot more popular on Google+. It's funny how these things work. The photographs had been there all along, but nobody had told people to look at them yet. I'm certainly not complaining though. This is just the way life works. Just about every good job I got in my life was because somebody noticed that I worked at a well known ad agency and decided they wanted to hire me away. If I had been unemployed and tried to get a job at the very same agency, I doubt that the people who hired me would have even given me an interview.

I spent the afternoon writing an ad for a $995 fountain pen. I don't think I'm really the target audience for this pricey pen. Those free plastic pens you pick up at trade shows work just fine for me. I'm terrible about losing pens too. Pens and umbrellas don't seem to last very long with me. Luxury goods are fascinating though. I've done a lot of advertising for luxury manufacturers over the years and most of these items are just ordinary things that have magically acquired status. People want these things because other people already have them. The ironic thing is that the famous people who give luxury goods their allure, usually never pay for them in the first place. The next time you see somebody looking fabulous on the red carpet, just remember that they never paid a dime for their outfit.

Dash goes to the vet again tomorrow for his antigen shot. I wonder if anyone spends more time in veterinarian's offices than I do. If my dogs don't need something, then my clients do.

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