Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 627

Well, it was back to the doctor for another muscle relaxer shot this morning. I woke up feeling just about as bad as I did yesterday. I don't think that my head is getting the proper support when I sleep, because these neck spasms always seem to be worse in the morning. This time, I made sure they gave me some Tramadol along with the muscle relaxers and by afternoon, the pain seemed a lot better.

It probably is stress that is causing the problem. I've got a trip coming up and I never travel well. I always wait until the last possible minute to pack and plan and consequently, the final hours before any sort of a trip are usually a madhouse. Janet is exactly the opposite. She's usually packed and ready to go a full week ahead of time. I'm usually still not packed and ready to go when I'm walking through the TSA scanners at the airport. At any rate, I really hope I can get this neck pain issue resolved before I leave. It's not going to be a pleasant trip if I still feel the way I do now.

I hope I'll get to watch Dr. Who this evening. Writing the blog has really cut into my TV watching time. I haven't seen any of the new Dr. Who episodes yet, and I've only seen one full episode of Project Runway this season. I never used to miss Project Runway, but there just doesn't seem to be time anymore. Maybe TV isn't as much fun now that I can't drink. We used to always have martinis while we watched Project Runway and somehow the show doesn't seem quite the same completely sober.

I decided to copy all the important software I use everyday over to my laptop this afternoon. You'd think this would be a routine, easy process, but it didn't turn out that way. Some things wanted to go back into demo mode even though the instructions said that a single license could be used on two computers. Quark Express and Quickbooks seemed the hardest to install. I finally got these two registered as well after a couple of calls to customer service, but it shouldn't have been this hard. I do feel better after doing this however. Now, I don't just have my files backed up, I have the applications I need to make the files backed up as well.

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