Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 679

I was pretty much just a pet taxi today. I took Dot to the vet this morning for her dental exam. A while later, I took Dash to the vet for his antigen shot and exam. Then I went back to the vet again and picked up Dot and took her home. In between, I went to a meeting with a printer about an upcoming print job and stopped by the Land Rover dealer to get them to turn my catalytic converter warning light off again.

Dot spent most of the day at the vet, because dogs have to have anesthesia for dental work. I always worry about anesthesia, since year's ago, a friend's dog died after having a bad reaction to the anesthesia after a simple teeth cleaning. I don't know all that much about anesthesia, but I used to feel comfortable knowing that most veterinarians use Isoflurane gas. An animal wakes up almost immediately after the gas is removed with very few side effects. Lately, I've learned that Isoflurane gas is usually used in conjunction with Propofol. Yep, that's the same drug that killed Michael Jackson. My vet assures me that Propofol is quite safe if administered correctly and adds that I've probably been given the drug myself if I've ever been anesthetized at a hospital. At any rate, Dot is fine. I still need to take her IV drip bandage off though.

I made some website revisions today, but I'm still not quite up to speed this week. I have a feeling that tomorrow will be a busy day. One of my clients wants to change their online forms, and I always have problems with forms. It's hard enough to get them to work correctly in the first place, and sometimes "fixing" the form only makes things worse. The problem is that most online forms return their results in e-mail and often lose all their formatting in the process. Clients are always telling me that their form results look "messy." You get what you pay for I guess. Most people still tend to use the basic form-mail scripts that their web host offers for free.

Tomorrow is the annual dog training school Halloween party. We're a little behind on the dog's costumes this year. I guess we're actually way behind. Janet is still sewing Dot's costume right now. I think she is going as a cat.

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