Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 683

I drove all the way across town today, only to discover that Elliott's Hardware on Maple Avenue had been torn down. Ever since I moved to Dallas, Elliott's has been my go-to place for odd fasteners, specialty tools and things that you just couldn't find anywhere else. For years, it was common knowledge that you could find anything at Elliott's. Maybe they just opened another store somewhere else, but even if they did, it won't be the same. The original Elliott's was unique, partially because some of the original employees still seemed to work there. These guys knew where every weird nut and bolt was hidden. They saved my butt several times on projects where I needed something that places like Lowes or Home Depot wouldn't even think of carrying. I'm definitely going to miss this store.

My trip across town wasn't entirely in vain though. I was able to find some light black ink for my large format printer at Competitive Camera so I could finish the Dalmatian Rescue Santa Paws posters I had promised Janet today. I can't believe it's almost time to start taking Santa pictures again. Our first holiday pet photo event starts on November 18, and we continue to do the Santa photos every weekend through mid-December.

Now that it's getting closer to dusk when I take the dogs on their evening walk, I'm starting to see lots of wedding photographers and brides again. Having a sunset shot of the wedding dress near a lake must be an essential part of every wedding photographer's package these days. I've seen a different bride being photographed just about every sunny day this week while I walk the dogs.

I was going to use today to get caught up on some things, and now I can't even remember what unfinished task was so important. I guess if I can't even remember what I needed to do, waiting until tomorrow won't be much of a problem. Probably waiting until next month won't be much of a problem either.

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