Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 692

I'm glad I stayed on schedule today. About five minutes after we returned from our evening walk, it started pouring rain. The rain was a surprise, since it was quite nice outside during our walk. I even managed to get some decent sunset shots with my iPhone. Since we often take our walks around sunset at this time of year, I wish I could take a better camera with me. That would be a recipe for disaster though. The dogs can still knock me off my feet if they both see something they want to chase at the same time. The iPhone would probably survive being dropped on the ground. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for the other cameras. Heavy, expensive cameras and Dalmatians just don't mix.

One of my clients called this morning and asked if I had time for a rush project that he needed by the end of the day. Sure. No problem. Monday's are always dead. I think everyone must be in status meetings or something. I rarely get new jobs on Monday. Things pick up a bit on Tuesdays, and by the time Friday rolls around, people can't seem to wait to get their hot potato projects off their own desk and on to mine.

After I got my regular work done today, I continued working my way through the AG-AF-100 instruction manual. The more I read, the more impressed I've become. This little camera will definitely meet my needs for the next few years. Eventually, it will become obsolete, just like my Beta-SP equipment, but for the time being, I'm good to go.

Tomorrow, Dash gets his antigen shot again. It's also election day. I guess I'll go vote, but I'm still not sure what I'm voting on. I don't think anyone is running for office in our district. I'm pretty sure it's just a bunch of state referendums this time. Referendums are tricky. They are usually worded in such confusing language that it's easy to end up voting just the opposite of the way you intended. I also need to try to get my monthly invoices out tomorrow. Invoices aren't confusing at all. They're just frustrating, since people pay so slow.

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