Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 693 - Election Day

I went and voted today. I'm still not sure what I voted on however. It was a strange election. There were no actual candidates running. There were no TV ads. There weren't even a bunch of signs on sticks, telling you what to vote for in front of the polling place. It was kind of a stealth election. The only things on the ballot were some obscurely worded referendums that all seemed to be designed to give the state additional authority to sell bonds and collect taxes. I hate these kind of referendums. The wording is so convoluted that it's quite possible to end up voting exactly the opposite of the way you intended. No wonder there was no advertising. I don't think the politicians really wanted anyone to understand these referendums.

The weather report said there would be rain today. Sure enough, it did rain. It rained for about thirty minutes while I walked the dogs this morning. As soon as we got home, the rain quit and it was nice the rest of the day. By the time I got the dogs clean and dry again, I had enough wet towels to do another load of laundry.

It took forever to get my November invoices out this afternoon, mostly because my envelope printer wasn't working properly. It either chewed up the envelopes, or spit them out unprinted. Eventually I got everything printed and mailed, but it would have been easier if I had a printer with a foolproof paper path. Paper handling seems to be the weakest link in just about every printer I've owned. Paper jams are common in the big production printer and even more common in the general purpose printers. I don't know why someone can't design a really precise paper path that never gets out of alignment. Who knows? Maybe it's the paper itself that is causing the problems.

I think I'm going to have to start walking the dogs earlier in the evenings. Not only was it completely dark when I got home this evening, I also heard coyotes barking nearby when a firetruck went by in the distance.

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