Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 700

Some days you're lucky, and other days you aren't. I certainly didn't stumble on a four leaf clover today. The big event of the day turned out to be fixing the toilet in Janet's bathroom. I thought this would be an easy job, but when I went to turn off the water at the shut off valve, I discovered that the valve had rusted and was frozen in the open position. I've learned from prior experience that it's not a good idea to go pounding rusty water valves with a hammer to see if you can get them to move. It's pretty easy to break the valve and end up with tons of water all over the place. I had two choices. I could call a plumber. Or I could try to fix the toilet without turning off the water. I opted for option number two, since I couldn't deal with the dogs barking at a plumber for several hours.

After a trip to Home Depot for supplies, I did manage to fix everything, but it was weird to be working with a wrench and a pair of pliers in a tank full of water to remove and replace the broken parts. Lord knows how long this repair will last, but I bet it will last as long as the repairs done by the last plumber I hired. Maybe I need to start using Angie's List or something. It's really getting hard to find good help.

The rest of the day was spent doing routine website updates. I guess this is the high tech version of fixing toilets. It would be nice to have something exciting to work on, but people don't seem to want to pay me to get excited. They pay me to do things they don't really want to do themselves. If I want to do something fun, I generally have to spend my own money.

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