Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 709 - Thanksgiving

Janet walked the dogs this morning while I went down to the lake with a camera to capture some early morning images. Janet loves walking the dogs, but rarely has the time, so holidays are hers. As I watched the fog lift over the lake, I couldn't help but think how pretty our little neighborhood is. Just about all the pictures I take are within two miles of home.

Cooking hasn't been a holiday tradition with us for a long time. We usually go out to eat and try to find someplace new and interesting. This year, we went to someplace old: The Pyramid Room at the Fairmont. It's been years since I've been inside the Fairmont Hotel. They've completely remodeled the place. The Thanksgiving brunch was excellent. We had champagne and stuffed ourselves. I highly recommend the smoked seafood salad. I had the traditional turkey and dressing as well, but the seafood salad was my favorite. It takes a lot less food to fill me up these days, but I did leave a little room for dessert.

Since it was a holiday for the dogs as well, we decided to take them to the dog park after our dinner. The weather wasn't great, but since the dilapidated, muddy dog park in our part of town was open, we figured all the city dog parks would be open. Wrong! We drove all the way up to our favorite Wagging Tail dog park in North Dallas, only to find that it was closed. Dot and Dash weren't happy about this and howled all the way home. They don't hold a grudge though. When we managed to find an open park on the way back to the house and let them out, all was well again.

I'm glad most people get tomorrow off from work. Maybe I'll get a chance to catch up on some of the projects I haven't finished yet. On the other hand, maybe I'll just sleep in late like everybody else.

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