Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Day 714

While the days outside continue to get shorter, my day inside seem to be getting longer and longer. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why it takes me so long to complete my work these days, but I've got my suspicions. I'm convinced that clients are more demanding than they used to be. Many have had to deal with staff cutbacks and don't have assistants like they used to. I become the assistant instead. Social media eats up a lot of time too. Clients continue to ask me how they can use Facebook and Twitter to build their business. I tell them it's easy. Just spent several hours each and every day posting new and interesting information that their customers would like to read. This usually shuts them up fairly quickly.

It's easy to post a picture of your cat, but it can be quite difficult to engage people day after day forever. I could do a lot better job of managing my own social media world, but I don't have the time either. I don't even have a receptionist to dump the social media duties on like most of my clients do. Personally, I was much happier when none of these things existed and you just took people to lunch instead.

How irritating. My iPhone decided to ask me for a new password today. What's was wrong with my old password? I had a nice password that was easy to type and remember on a little screen and now Apple is asking for a complicated combination of characters and numbers using both upper and lower case letters, just like the banks, web hosting companies and brokerage houses do. These passwords are almost impossible to remember. Some places are even demanding that you change your password every few months and don't allow you to reuse an old one for over a year. Enough is enough. When will this madness end.

At least walking the dogs is still simple. We went out a little earlier this evening to avoid the coyotes. The dogs had fun. I had fun. No password required.

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