Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 724

Well, I was back in the CAT Scan machine again today. I'll have to give my doctors credit where credit is due. So far, they've been pretty successful at warding off the perils of age and heredity. Lately, I've started thinking of these guys as my medical team. They all seem to know each other and often coordinate their treatment efforts. I can't say I enjoy living a clean, healthy lifestyle and taking a mountain of pills every morning, but it seems to be working. Personally, I enjoyed my 20's and 30's a lot better, when I practically lived on beer, wine and bacon. We've all got to pay for our sins sometime though, and my time has come.

I wrote my article about the color orange today. Although I initially though the premise was ridiculous, the article actually turned out pretty well. I had hoped to get more done today, but when there are doctor's appointments on the calendar, my schedule kind of goes out the window. I hadn't really planned on the CAT Scan today, so that took a couple of additional hours out of an already busy day.

Tomorrow will be even busier, since I'll be taking pet pictures at our final Santa Paws photo event. This one should be identical to the three we've done already. The only difference is that this one is further away, so I'll have to get up a bit earlier tomorrow. So far, the events have been very successful. We've raised quite a bit of money to help Dalmatian Rescue.

There was a heavy box at the front door when I got home from my doctor's appointment. I hadn't ordered anything heavy, so I was curious what was inside. Turns out it was this year's edition of Who's Who in America. I've been listed in this book for ages, but I've almost forgotten about it. Thirty years ago it was a big deal to be included in Who's Who in America. I think the book has fallen by the wayside though. It seems kind of like a vanity publication now. Probably a high Klout score matters more than being in Who's Who these days.

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