Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 725

We completed our last Santa Paws photo event of the season today. Since we had huge crowds for the first three events, I kind of thought that this one would be the same. Not as many people wanted to see Santa today. We still took a lot of pet photos, but it was nothing like last week's grueling marathon. Maybe the event just seemed easier today because most of the dogs were smaller and well behaved.

With the Christmas props stowed and packed away for another year, it's on to other things. I'm badly in need of a haircut and I haven't even started thinking about my own Christmas shopping. There's still a ton of work to complete and my trip to Houston as well. At least I won't need surgery like last December. The preliminary results from yesterday's CAT Scan look good.

The Dalmatian Rescue group has another casino party tonight, but I won't be spinning the roulette wheel like I usually do. The dogs have been cooped up all day, so I came home and walked Dot and Dash while Janet went on to tend the roulette table. It seems like rescue groups always have something going on in December. It's probably the biggest fund-raising month of the year. I saw an article in the local paper the other day about holiday pet photos and it said that over 20 different rescue groups were offering Santa photos in the Dallas area this weekend. Maybe that's another reason why we didn't have as many people today. The Santa photo business is just getting too competitive.

I think there's some holiday event we're supposed to go to tomorrow, but I can't even remember what it is. Whatever it is, I hope it takes place in the afternoon. It would be nice to sleep in late tomorrow. I have a feeling that things will stay in high gear until the end of the year. That's usually just the way December's are. I can't forget that I've got a blogiversary next week as well. It's still hard to believe that I've been doing this for two solid years without missing a single day.

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